Tensology provide specialist products and services relating to steel wire rope.

The company is built on the passion, knowledge and experience of our people, all of whom have spent their entire working lives in the field of wire ropes.  We utilise expert techniques, latest technology and a "can do" attitude to provide our customers with an unrivalled service.


Magnetic Rope Testing

TENSOLOGY technicians are qualified to carry out Magnetic Rope Testing on Wire Ropes across all industry sectors including cranes, passenger ropeways and offshore lifting. 

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Rope Installation

A high percentage of rope problems are caused by improper installation of the rope when new.  Experienced TENSOLOGY technicians use bespoke equipment and established techniques to ensure that the rope is properly installed.

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Rope Lubrication

In order to maximise the lifetime of a rope, periodic application of a suitable lubricant is required. The method of application varies depending upon the viscosity of the lubricant with thicker lubricants requiring high pressure to ensure they penetrate inside the rope. 

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Cable Structures

Cable structures utilise non-standard building materials and unconventional construction techniques.

TENSOLOGY provide a full and proper understanding of the standards, specifications, design, fabrication, delivery and installation of all types of cable system. Utilise the knowledge and experience of TENSOLOGY to ensure you retain your profit margin and maintain your reputation.


TENSOLOGY are a LEEA accredited training company, providing training and seminars specifically related to the use of wire ropes.

The courses range from short “introduction” courses which provide an appreciation of the basics, including the properties and application of wire ropes through to more specialist courses aimed at experienced users.

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Magnetic Rope Testing

TENSOLOGY are a partner company for INTRON PLUS and their range of Intros Magnetic Rope Testing equipment.

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